©Sally Arnold

What’s this all about?

Musings and Ramblings of an ex-designer, permanent tourist with a food obsession and a typography habit.

Hi, I’m Sally.

Thanks for stopping by. Can I offer you a snack?

Originally from Australia, I worked as a graphic designer for many years before escaping the corporate world. I do, however, still have a typography obsession. I now live in a crazy, extraordinary part of the world, and spend my time showing tourists around my adopted home in Indonesia. I also like to cook and sew, domestic goddess that I am. I do not like housework, although I find ironing meditative. Washing dishes sucks. Oh and I like cats and my bike.

It’s Hard to be A Dictator When you Don’t have Enough Dolphins is a collection of my infrequent (hopefully not too infrequent) musings and ramblings, they may be funny (or try to be), they may be serious, they may be offensive (get over it – other people have more genuine worries than you do), they may just be trite and banal. Some folks have commented, that what I think is my ordinary life, is extraordinary to some, so I’ll continue making some parts of it public for your amusement and entertainment.

The very long, silly and slightly surreal title of my blog comes from a story that caught my eye on the internet – a comment about what someone had said in their sleep. Dreams and the surreal have always appealed to me, I have been know to sleep talk (and on two occasions that I know of, sleepwalk). I don’t have any recordings or anecdotes of what I’ve personally said, so I’ll steal someone else’s.

If you are the author of this comment, or if in fact I’m quoting you, contact me and I’ll credit you.

Appropriately, in my little life, I fancy myself as a mini megalomaniac, a benevolent one, mind you. It is hard, especially with limits in aquatic mammal numbers.

DISCLAIMER: No scorpions were harmed in the making of this page. It was already dead when I ate it.


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Musings and ramblings of an ex-designer, permanent tourist with a food obsession and a typography habit

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